We are a medium-sized company operating from the Munich area, nearshoring from Eastern Europe, with experts in IT services and software development.

Astradi was founded in 2008, its activity being related to complex electronic negotiation software. Since 2018, our focus changed on software development, taking end-to-end responsibility for IT processes and applications, and service management of our customers. We are now capable of offering a wide range of services and resources for various projects in Automotive, e-Commerce, Health, Finance, Sourcing, Logistics, Reinsurance, Semiconductors etc.

Our delivery is done from nearshoring as well as from Germany, depending on the customer's needs, by mixed international teams optimized for each project. 

We are faster than bigger companies due to our decision-making processes. Our flexibility goes to the point where we know 100% we can deliver, but we can admit that during the initial months you can replace or cancel us.


The company is a "Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung" (GmbH) under German law and is based in Fahrenzhausen.

Phone: +49 89 46221791