Prof. Dr. Martin Bichler - Marketing

Martin Bichler is a professor at the TU München, has more than 15 years of experience in electronic market design and optimization. He has published extensively in top-tier academic journals on auction and market design. Martin acts as scientific advisor and head of marketing.

Dr. Alexander Pikovsky - CTO

Alexander Pikovsky is an expert in combinatorial optimization, multidimensional auctions, applied mathematics, operations research, finance and software engineering. Alexander is responsible for the development of the OptiTrade platform and involved in auction design projects.

Dr. Pasha Shabalin - COO

Pasha Shabalin studied Informatics at the TU München and is an alumni of the Center for Digital Technology Management of the Elite Network of Bavaria. He was involved in many IT-related projects as a software developer, architect and manager, and has a start-up experience. At Astradi he is responsible for company operations.

Phone: +49 176 49663223