Dr. Alexander Pikovsky

Alexander Pikovsky  is an experienced software engineer with deep knowledge in various areas such as computer science, software development, service management, business informatics, e-sourcing, mathematics, and finance. As a CEO and CTO, he brings his expertise to the development and implementation of business strategies, technological advancements, and the delivery of high-quality services. Alex constantly strives for innovation and excellence to provide his customers with outstanding service.

Nikolaus Schlachter

Nikolaus Schlachter is an experienced information technology expert with over 20 years of experience in the application and service management industry. He gained his knowledge at large companies in various industries, such as automotive, reinsurance, and semiconductor. Nikolaus' expertise spans the entire lifecycle of applications and IT services. He has a deep understanding of business requirements and can bring them up to date with the latest technology. As a CEO, Nikolaus is also active in sales and marketing and has extensive experience in customer acquisition and retention.

Phone: +49 89 46221791