Game-Theoretical Consulting
for Bidders Spectrum Auctions

Auctions have been used for almost 20 years worldwid by governments to allocate the rights to use electromagnetic spectrum for broadcasting and communication purposes. The spectrum auctions are important high-stakes auctions with complex rules which often require years of preparation by bidders and regulatory authorities. Apart from the simultaneous multi-round auction (SMRA), the combinatorial clock auction (CCA) has been in use world-wide. Astradi offers its consulting for spectrum auction participants at every stage:

  • Analysis of the auction rules.
  • Analysis of the competitive situation.
  • Tutorials and mock auctions using Astradi OptiTrade software, which supports all major auction formats.
  • Planning of processes and decision procedures  during the auction.
  • Real-time analysis and support.
  • Development of custom decision support software.

Astradi has consulted bidders and regulators in Austria, Canada, the Czech Republic, and Germany.

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