Auction Design

Astradi offers software and services for conducting single- and multi-lot auctions. We provide a unique set of tools with a number of advantages:

  • Various auction formats (ranking auctions, bundle auctions, etc.).
  • Process optimization and time savings for the auctioneer and the bidders.
  • Automatic consideration of complex business rules (e.g., restrictions on the number of winners or volume per winner)

Bidders often experience complementarities across lots. Sequential or simultaneous auctions on individual items are challenging for bidders and the auctioneer and often fail to realize savings because complementarities are ignored. The bidder might be able to win one lot, but not the desired bundle. Bidding on bundles of items avoids many of the strategic pitfalls in sequential or simultaneous auctions. If auctioneers allow for bundle bids on multiple items, optimization is crucial in finding revenue maximizing solutions.  Astradi provides consulting to design auctions and RFQs for multiple lots. Astradi OptiTrade  is a unique set of Web-based software tools that allows auctioneers to design high-stakes multi-lot auctions. It provides specific algorithms to select an optimal set of bidders and provides advanced decision support for bidders. Bidding becomes easy resulting in reduced transaction cost and a significant impact on total revenue.

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