Astradi OptiTrade Sales Auctions

The Astradi OptiTrade platform is a unique set of tools for conducting various types of bundle auctions. The Astradi OptiTrade platform provides its users with a complete set of features, required for planning a bundle auction, evaluating, and fine-tuning the selected setup, conducting the negotiation, and evaluating the results. Many features and algorithms are based on several years of research and development at the TU München. 

The central features of the Astradi OptiTrade platform include:

  • Various sealed-bid and iterative bundle auction formats. These auction formats allow for various types of volume discounts and feedback. For example, the platform features ranking auctions, bundle auctions, and many more.
  • Automatic selection of the optimal set of winners based on advanced discrete optimization algorithms. These problems are computationally hard and cannot easily be solved by hand or with a spreadsheet application. Solving the selection optimally typically leads to significant improvements in revenue.
  • Support for various business constraints. Such constraints allow the auctioneer to define various rules, which must be met by the final allocation. Such rules can include minimum/maximum number of winners, minimum/maximum allocation per bidder, etc.
  • Scenario analysis. The purchasing manager can analyze the impact of various business constraints on the negotiation outcome, and select the desired allocation in an iterative easy-to-use process.
  • Ask price calculation and decision support for bidders. OptiTrade provides simple price feedback for bidders to improve their bids, as well as spreadsheet-based decision support to make bidding easy.

Using OptiTrade is easy. It is a user-friendly web-based application, developed using cutting-edge web technologies. The software is provided as a service. Only a web browser and an Internet connection is required.

Phone: +49 176 49663223